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Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Mitigation

Vapor intrusion may become a silent danger at your home because it is difficult to detect. To make sure that your home is free from it, you have to carry out a comprehensive vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation. By working with the right company, you can make sure that the intrusion of dangerous vapor into your home can be prevented.

What is vapor intrusion? The ground beneath your house is not as clean and harmless as you may think. Many chemicals that happen to be present under the surface of the ground may leak into your house and cause harmful effect to all of its occupants. These chemicals might come out of the ground in the form of liquid or gas. Liquid chemicals might not be too worrisome because they can be detected immediately and because their emergence is quite rare. Gaseous chemicals, on the other hand, can be more terrifying because they cannot be detected. The assessment is carried out to make sure that your house is free from those harmful chemicals.

All parts of your home will be assessed during; however, your basement and other underground installations will receive special attention because those are parts that are mostly affected by the intrusion. Basement may become a dangerous area if intrusion has occurred there and if it lacks necessary ventilation. EPA has regulated how vapor intrusion should be treated. Find the best company to carry out the assessment and mitigation and you can live more peacefully and healthily inside your chemical-free home.