Instructions to Build a Flagstone Patio

Build Flagstone PatioFlagstone Patio is awesome but they still managed to feel naturally lends area with brick or cement. You are also more durable and can take a lot of care back. Unlike a wood porch or deck, there is no need to worry about rotting, unlike cement and brick worry, they look better weathered and stained.

Skills Infrastructure

When building a Flagstone Patio there are several things to consider. Preferably, the longest porch usually sand and / or gravel. Some people, to use a cement foundation or mortar. And beautiful in the first year, and tides still occur with mortar still crash and break faster than a gravel base. Then when it comes time to repair the cement or mortar institutions and the whole court, should be done with the new list to buy.

This work is clearly the best material crushed granite sand and rots. Although every pebble and gravel, such as cement grinding or crushing limestone work well. However, you should to rounded sand or sandy beach surely not, because the circle of sand, the more likely it is to stick together.

Ideally, the best granite floor. It works like cement, does not follow at home, and the tears would not come. As an added bonus, providing an excellent weed protection. Granite is resistant to frost and ground movement better than any other material. Powdered granite is usually cheaper than gravel or crushed stone and so on. Granite powder can even free local quarry, granite processing plants, or local compost site. It pays to shop around.

Create your own Flagstone Patio: provide the necessary


  • Gravel (preferably crushed granite)
  • Sand (course, especially recommended for installation)
  • Flagstone (for bold)
  • Some projects simply painting 2×4
  • You also can use metal or plastic edging
  • Canvas landscape
  • Paint opportunity biodegradable earth
  • Stone or plastic edges adjacent scenes


  • Cart
  • Flat shovel
  • Knife round
  • Metal Rake
  • Level
  • Planning
  • Manipulation
  • Water and hose
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Gloves
  • Goggles (Wear when breaking stone)
  • Steel toe shoes (to prevent the case of objects)
  • Broom shop and light
  • Assistants and at least one

First, you need to measure the area of ​​your garden and buy a list of Flagstone. Make sure you buy enough for a few extra spare area completely paved. You need enough gravel to fill up at least twice in the calculation of soil depth. This means that if you use a 6-inch and the second layer at least 2 inches 2 inches of gravel and sand must dig two inches of stone. If you live in a very dry climate, such as the desert or have granite or pure sand, then two inches and should be the basis of the well.

You also need to specify all of your paving and garden shape, depth and style. Ceramic floors and a variety of colors, you can find them in advance to reduce the number of tiles and edges, or smooth edges. Large prefabricated panels, but put together as close. Many people love the rustic look of the uncut version, but that requires a creative sense and best fit together like a puzzle several techniques. Ready, uneven edges Flagstone is also good, because they are usually together better, still looks natural to them.

Create Your Own Patio: Step by Step

  1. Immediately after the completion of the measurement page and buy gravel, sand and spread, and it is time to start the required number of holes. I hope that you are now determined the size and shape you want to have your garden, and marked off beforehand. This step directly. If you want a square or rectangular courtyard measuring the corresponding run. If you want to round or irregularly shaped yard, exactly where you will be marked in the side yard with color.
  2. And began to dig. Cut flat on the ground with a shovel, dig the necessary depth contour of the edge of the terrace. Then start the blade decontamination. Soil on a tarp or other designated location. Continue to lift the base until they dig up the entire region. If you are planning to build a raised terrace, there is a need for the land to the point where he dug horizontally.
  3. If you plant trials of the building, make sure that the surface slopes away from the building, the water ran out of the building, and not to him. If not, set to get safely to the ground. More importantly, solid flooring in the courts and trampled as well. If irregularities or bubbles, creating problems down the road.
  4. Now set the scene in the structure of the earth. Be sure to overlap enough extra edge. Make sure that you do not dig of material creep.
  5. When wood or other materials tend to ensure that the height above the bottom edge of the edge of the wood and stone. You may need to dig a little. You can alternately with wood as souvenirs of the past, just to make sure that it is flat on the surface of the earth around him. 2 × 4 is then used to form can be assumed. If you are using edging and landscaping stone, you may not need edging material or 2×4.
  6. And the surface of the sand evenly over the landscape fabric and put your 2×4, and use it as a settlement. At this point it is helpful to have an assistant, because on the other side of the court, leading to the plane. To ensure that your gravel is very flat. Suppression, if necessary, fills holes or bubbles. If you crushed granite and sand or your own program, then you need only about 1 to 1.5 times the depth of your slate Flagstone. If you use a layer of sand, granite can be wet and allow developing overnight for at least 12 hours to bottom. It is already set, it will work on the cement. If you do not sand, then please skip this step.
  7. If your gravel, sand, or both to develop on the basis of, and make sure that it is level, then now is the time to start setting up the floor. It’s up to you if you start on one side, and on the outskirts., Or in the middle Generally speaking, if you are using large stones, rocks and before cutting or you make sure you have the full advantage, it is best to start at one end of the page in the middle, or your sidewalk. If you want to have a natural advantage, it’s not really a role, you do not shake the beginning, Azmalah edge just enough to allow them in your base layer, on the ground and head.
  8. At the level of the stone and make your own, be sure to use sand or gravel under them or remove them if necessary. If bubbles under rocks or rock or vibrate, they will wear well, and attacks. Make sure that all the stones are secure. If you put your stones closer together less water will penetrate the long term, they require less maintenance. Make sure that you have enough space, so it can penetrate the water or will happen in the pool.
  9. When you come to the edge, must wear protective eyewear. If you need to cut the stone and then just press gently in the trenches need to rest on either side of the edge of the stone. Once the tank is not deep enough, then lay on the damaged side is hanging edge and knocked gently on the edge of the hammer. Should be broken easily.
  10. When you put your stone is a good time to be contacted. If you have left your stones far enough from crushed granite, or you can choose to use the granular granite sand, or any type of sand, of course, must be completely swept into the cracks and filling. You need to pour into the cracks and fill it a second time.
  11. You should keep some time in the sand or gravel on hand to fill the time. If you live in the repeated freezing and thawing of rain or humid areas, there will be ups and downs. Ups and downs are the easiest to handle, and if you have used through sand or crushed granite, not ordinary mortar or cement. If you have decided to go with the concept of mortar, make sure the rock garden, using specially developed for use with the product.
  12. Easy to maintain. If, during the temperature turned to stone by the body or in any way to the bottom and more sand or gravel even a whole new level. Re-fracture zone and also wet again. You can use the terrace and less need for heavy ice machine, and a warm climate to expect maintenance once or twice a year. This little maintenance is really worth.

Why Flagstone?

The right time to put the last Flagstone for more than 20 years. Already know, standing, heavy vehicle, and even trucks and equipment to withstand abuse. Some people have reported keeping the durability of Flagstone or older for 30 to 50 years. If properly cared for, and the list will outlast cement, asphalt and brick. In addition to durability, good list of them. Right before your list, and use the right materials, you can expect a Flagstone Patio to add beauty and elegance for a long time outdoors in the near future to add to your space. In addition, as an added bonus, from the terrace, you can put “sweat equity” in your home. They not only save a lot of money to work for yourself, but you also can add value to your home.

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